Diary Dates

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2nd October Rags2Riches clothes donation (in entrance hall by 9am, please)
3rd October Cross Country Competition – Five Acres 2pm - 4pm
4th October Hockney Class to Cheltenham Literature Festival
4th October Foodbank Friday
7th October Hockney class to Dean Academy for DT and Science day (all day)
10th October Hepworth Class to Cheltenham Literature Festival
11th October Lowry Class to Cheltenham Literature Festival (in school by 8am for 8.15am leave)
19th October Year 4/5/6 Football tournament – Woolaston School – a.m
24th October School disco 6-7.30pm
25th October End of term 3.15pm
4th November Start of term
12th November School Photos
6th December KS1 Dress Rehearsal
6th December Foodbank Friday
9th December KS1 Play 2pm
10th December KS1 Play 5.15pm
11th December KS2 Play 2pm
13th December KS2 Play 5.30pm
16th December Christmas lunch (TBC)
17th December Pantomime Cardiff
18th December Christmas Carol Service at Pillowell Chapel 9.30am
18th December School ends for students 2pm
19th-20th December INSET days (Staff only)
6th January Start of term
15th January Hockney Assembly 9.30am
16th January Young Voices Birmingham
20th-21st January Y6 Cycle training
22nd January Lowry assembly 9.30am
29th January Hepworth assembly 9.30am