Hepworth Class Years: 3 & 4    Teachers: Miss Haagen & Mrs Jusic    Teaching Assistants : Miss Darby and Miss Legg

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Our Topic this term is
'Magical Mayhem'

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Cards & Poems

Our calendars for 2020, the four seasons.
We made Christmas cards and wrote Cinquain poems.

Calendars 2020

Our calendars for 2020, the four seasons.

Alice in Wonderland

Well what a fabulous start to our topic 'Magical Mayhem!'

Hepworth Class visited The Gateway Cinema, to see Alice in Wonderland, which will inspire a lot of our work over this term.

We look forward to sharing what we have done with parents at a Mad-Hatter's Christmas tea party!

A huge thanks to Jim Dean who drove the mini-bus and Andrea, Faye, Michelle, Jo and Laura who also helped with transport and allowed us to have a 'travel-free' trip.

Hepworth Hikers

Our first forest walk of the school year was absolutely fantastic, with lots of wildlife spotted while the children explored and continued their efforts in looking after our environment!

Such special times shared. Thank to our children and our Hepworth helpers