Hockney Class Year: 5 & 6    Teacher: Mr Forster

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'Alchemy Island'

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Rodley House: Week 2

It was the secound week of the Intergeneration project at Rodley House care home in Lydney.

The children had a great time and focused on reflection, listening to different pieces of Brass music and trying to copy the dance moves of one of the elderly residents!

Well done all involved!

Rodley House

On Tuesday 26th September, Hockney class took part in the first of three Wylwood Music and Art Project sessions at Rodley House care home in Lydney.

The children introduced themselves to the elderly residents and shared conversations about memories, there favourite things to do and their life. The children had a wonderful time and were treated above and beyond by the staff and residents at Rodley House, being given chocolate, biscuits and squash.

Also a special mention should go to the leaders of the day Rachel and Katie, who played a range of games with the children, as well as, sharing experiences during the Afternoon back at School.

Thank you Rodley House it was really appreciated!