Mini Marines

Mini-Marines Hockney Final Session

Sadly, it was the last session of Mini Marines for Hockney class (Hepworth have one more), however it was certainly one to remember as the children took part in fire lighting!

The children got the chance to roast their marshmallows over the fire, as well as, making and setting up a tent!

On behalf of Pillowell School, we would like to thank Josh, Louie and Jack for all their hard work at Mini Marines, we hope you enjoyed your card and presents!

Mini-Marines 7

It was more of the same at Mini Marines this week with Josh and Lewy. The children were taken up onto the field, where they took part in fitness training, focusing heavily on relays, as well as, following instructions.

Please don't forget that next week's session is FIRE LIGHTING! Well done all!

Mini-Marines 6

The Mini Marines arrived ready for action on a cold, crisp Wednesday morning. The children worked hard performing circuits, as well as, looking for hidden items, with Marines Josh and Lewy.

The children are getting fitter every week and are giving their all in every session! Well done all!

Mini-Marines 5

It was another Wednesday morning and the Mini Marines were back in School. This week the children took part in circuits and also looked out of observation posts.

The children had a wonderful time and are giving everything they can in each session! A really proud Mr Forster!

Mini-Marines 4

The Mini Marines were back in action today and the children had a great time, working as part of a team to make Roman culverts.

They weren't quite as muddy this week!

Well done all!

Mini-Marines 3

The children were put through their paces on Wednesday, as the Mini Marines visited.

The children were taken to the field, where they took part in an assault course, balancing on wooden planks, crawling under cargo netting and working as a team to carry heavy bags!

The children had a fantastic time, we struggled to tell who was who by the end of it, as the children were covered from head to toe in mud!

Great effort!

Mini-Marines 2

On Wednesday, the Juniors received their regular, exciting dose of Mini Marines in School.

The focus this week was all about 'first aid' and the children were taught how to check if a person is conscious or unconscious and also how to put somebody in the 'recovery position'. The children have been working really hard during these sessions and are gaining some invaluable life skills!

Well done Juniors!

Mini-Marines 1

The Junior children were put through their paces on Wednesday morning, as they had a surprise visit from the British Royal Marines.

The children took part in a range of circuit training, which involved, running, squats, press ups, crunches and lunges.

The children had a great time, working really well as part of a team! Well done Juniors!