Hockney Class Year: 5 & 6    Teacher: Mr Forster    

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Time Traveller image

Our Topic this term is
'Time Traveller'

Tick, tock, tick,tock... the hands o the clock never stop. From the moment we are born, from toddler to teen, middle age to elderly, time stops for no man.

Find out what happens to our bodies and brains as we grow older, and how do we cope with these changes.

How long does a human baby take to grow inside the womb? Does it take longer than an elephant calf? Or a kitten?

Take a good look at yourself... How has your face changed since you were a baby and how will it change as you grow older? Can you photograph it, change it, age it?

And what would happen if the clock struck 13? In 'Tom's Midnight Garden', he travels to the past. What an adventure! Imagine you could time travel too: where would you go and what would you like to see/ Will you head back to your past or into your future? You decide.

Tick, tock, tick, tock... the hands on the clock never stop!

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Beatrice Spellings

Well done to Beatrice, for getting full marks every week this term in her spelling tests. Here she is celebrating with her favourite Fox! Brilliant effort!

Halloween Art

The children in Hockney class have been preparing for Halloween by creating some Halloween Art. The children have made skeletons out of cotton buds and also made witches out of card. Well done everyone!

Harvest Art

Unfortunately we haven't been able to have a Harvest Festival this year, but that hasn't stopped Hockney class from learning about Harvest and producing these lovely leaf art paintings.

The children painted leaves white first of all, before printing onto black sugar paper, they then decorated the outside using a range of Autumn colours, with a sponge!

Tudor Roses

As we are approaching the end of our topic 'Off with her Head' the children have been making Tudor roses out of clay, as part of D&T.

The children have had a wonderful time creating these and we are really proud of the way they have turned out. Well done everyone!


This week's homework was to create a snakes and ladders board game around the theme of the Tudors.

Here is some of the wonderful homework that has been completed this week.

Well done all!