Hockney Class Year: 5 & 6    Teacher: Mr Forster    

Latest updates: Y6 Transition | PE: Badminton | Science: Electricity | Knex Challenge | Music Works

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Our Topic this term is...
"Tomorrow's World"

Text messages, emails, websites, blogs and podcasts - there are so many ways to communicate.

Lean how to set up your own class blog and build a homepage on a subject of your choice. Suggest ways of improving your school website and hopefully the headteacher will listen to your ideas!

Discover the movers and shakers in the world of technology - the people who've shaped the modern world. Perhaps you might be a visionary for the next generation?

Build robots and circuits, break codes and investigate gadgets galore. Why not write a thriller narrative in the style of Anthony Horrowitz?

Then on request from MI99, build a website for a new Spy School. What pages will it need? One for gadgets? A secret lunch menu? you decide?

Let's start today on Tomorrow's World...

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Year 6 Transition - 5 Acres

Some of the Year 6 children going to Five Acres High School had a surprise visit from Mr Jones today, who is the head of Year 7.

They got to ask lots of exciting questions about their new school! Well done all!

Year 6 Transition

As part of transition to secondary school, the Year 6 children are meeting weekly with Mrs Miller, Mrs Morgan and Kathryn to discuss how they are feeling about moving on to secondary school.

The first session was a real success and the children got to drink squash and eat lots of biscuits!

PE Badminton

During PE this term, the children are really enjoying taking part in Badminton. Today the children mastered a backhand and forehand shot! Great effort everyone!

Science: Electricity

During Science this term, Hockney class are focusing on electricity.

This week the children have learnt how to successfully make an electrical circuit using lamps and buzzers. Well done all!

Music Works

Up until the end of the year, the children are being taught Music by Hamish, from the Music Works company. This week the children learnt how to use a beat sequencer, which they really enjoyed!

Knex Challenge

The children had a fantastic morning taking part in the Knex Challenge with Mo Follis. The children had to design a castle, which had modern day uses and a drawbridge.

Well done to George and Olivia who were the winning pair and will take part in a virtual Knex challenge against other schools later on in the term!