Lowry Class Years: Reception & 1     Teachers: Mrs Allen & Mrs Gorton    

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Our Topic web this term
'Real Superheroes'

Who are the superheroes in your life? Why are they superheroes? Are you a superhero and why?

This is a topic that focuses on the hero in all of us; a fun topic that focuses on ourselves, our families, superhero animals, superhero vehicles, super people around us who help us, such as teachers, doctors, farmers, religious leaders, police and fire fighters.

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Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown for Parents

Remembrance Day

All the children have enjoyed learning all about Remembrance Day and why we buy and wear a poppy.

We had a 2-minute silence to think about all the brave men and women.

Parliament Week

This week is Parliament Week and we have talked about the Houses of Parliament, Guy Fawkes and the American Election! We had a biscuit election, where everyone that wanted to tried a selection of biscuits and voted for their favourite. Our two Returning Officers counted and verified the vote and then announced the winner.

Bourbon biscuits were voted as the favourite in Lowry Class.

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